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Q: Who is Adventurous Journeys (AJ)?

AJ is a real estate and hospitality focused company located in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood of Nashville. A community-focused developer, AJ anchors its projects in the core principles of neighborhood context, placemaking and residentially inspired design, while always applying the firm’s deeply rooted expertise in top-notch hospitality. AJ’s local portfolio includes mixed-use, hospitality, multifamily, office, retail, and entertainment real estate.

Q: What is the Belle Meade Plaza redevelopment?

AJ is proposing a walkable mixed-use development that contains a mix of shops, restaurants, and residences, restores the creek, and adds parks and open space for everyone to enjoy.

AJ’s goal is to deliver another high-quality neighborhood development that fits within the existing community and emphasizes greenspace, walkability, and livability in the area.

Q: What opportunities has the community been given to share their feedback?

AJ has held several community meetings, including:

  • Dec. 21, 2022, AJ and partners presented the SP for the first time with a Q&A

  • Jan. 5, 2023, AJ and partners presented the SP with a Q&A

  • Jan. 20, 2023, Planning 101

  • Jan. 21, 2023, NDOT and KCI discussed holistic traffic in the area with a listening session

  • Feb. 15, 2023, after accumulating community feedback, AJ and partners presented a revised plan with a Q&A

  • Feb. 25 & 26, 2023, Community meetings at Aquinas College with technical consultants for environmental, stormwater, and traffic.

  • March 23, 2023, Public hearing at Metro Planning Commission.


In addition to these community meetings, AJ has invited community members to reach out with feedback via this site's form or by email at This email account sends replies on an ongoing basis.​

Q: How has the SP changed given community feedback?

Since the SP was submitted, AJ has worked with Councilmember Kathleen Murphy and community members to make the following changes:

Q: Where is the property?

On Harding Pike, just west of White Bridge Road.

Q: What is this property currently zoned for?

The property is currently zoned MUL or mixed-use limited. This parcel is also identified within the NashvilleNext community plan as a Tier 1 Development Zone and on a priority corridor within Davidson County with existing infrastructure to support additional density.

The current zoning would allow for more than 450,000 square feet of retail space (double what is there right now) and uses like a big-box store or other high-traffic uses.

Q: Why are you seeking SP zoning for the site?

The current Belle Meade Plaza, originally built in the 1960s, is ready for a reimagination. The site also has existing environmental challenges as several structures are built on top of Richland Creek and in the floodway.

Our goal is to create a new plaza that fits within the existing community and emphasizes green space, walkability, and livability in the area. In March, the Metro Planning Commission unanimously recommended that our proposed SP be approved with all conditions, all of which we have accepted. The most recent update to the SP included many components that were the result of months of community meetings and valuable neighborhood feedback..

Q: How will this impact traffic?

Traffic is a current problem in this area and not something we are ignoring. Our goal is to decrease traffic to our site. Our traffic consultant has predicted and NDOT has confirmed that based on this proposal, overall traffic will reduce by over 40% percent to this site.

While we conducted our own traffic impact study, Councilmember Murphy and NDOT have proactively conducted a mobility study of the entire area. This mobility study is available in the resources section of our website for you to review. It contains several recommendations for BMP to improve traffic flow, which in turn were included in the approval conditions at Planning. We have accepted and agreed to fully fund our portion of those recommendations.

Q: How much parking will you have?

While we are still designing our final site plan, we are committed to exceeding the parking required by Metro's Code. There will be approximately 950 parking spots available to the community for both residential and retail uses.

Our goal is to create a place of community where both visitors and residents can get in and out of the site as easily and safely as possible. Our design and parking plan reflect that commitment.

Q: What's the plan for the current retailers?

We are committed to honoring all existing leases. We have begun arranging meetings with existing Belle Meade Plaza tenants to discuss how they might be part of our future.

Please note that prior to AJ putting forward its redevelopment plan, the grocery store currently in the plaza had previously announced its plans to relocate in 2024 due to an expiring lease.

Q: How many retail businesses can fit into this revised plan?

We estimate approximately 30 retailers will be a part of the reimagined development, spanning a variety of uses. Example businesses may include gifts, essentials, soft goods, coffee shops, and restaurants.

All retail businesses will incorporate outdoor terrace, patio and/or balcony space that will add to the plaza-style indoor/outdoor vibe of the overall project. We expect the community to spend time here from morning to evening, gathering, dining, and exploring the outdoors while visiting their favorite spots.

Q: What are the conditions that were included in the Planning Commission’s unanimous decision?

AJ has agreed to all the conditions in the Metro Planning Commission’s unanimous approval and also committed to funding all of its portion of NDOT’s recommendations for improving traffic flow along the corridors. The entire package of conditions includes recommendations regarding stormwater, traffic, parking, road, parks and greenways, among other agency reviews. Details on all the conditions can be found in the Metro Planning staff report on our resources page.

Q: How tall will these buildings be?

The street-front retail will be two stories and the residential buildings toward the back of the property will be at or below the height of existing neighboring buildings such as One Belle Meade Place at White Bridge next to Publix.  Please refer back to this table for the exact heights of residential buildings A through D.

Q: How will this affect Richland Creek, Sugartree Creek and the Harpeth Conservancy?

The part of Richland Creek running through the property is currently underutilized as a public space. Our development would bring this section of the waterway back to life by moving development out of the creek/floodway and instead activating it for pedestrians—creating wonderful spaces for people and families to gather. We will also bring the site into Metro Landscape Code compliance which includes planting hundreds of new trees, most of which will be along the southern edge of Richland Creek enhancing its water quality and aquatic habitat.

Q: What about the health of Richland Creek going forward?

The existing Belle Meade Plaza site was built before Metro Nashville had stormwater treatment measures in place. Runoff from the roofs and parking lots carry sediment, oil/grease, and trash directly into the creek. A redevelopment of this site will mean constructing protective stormwater treatment and retention measures.

These measures can include pervious pavements, bioretention areas, green roofs and cisterns. Currently, non-porous surfaces (parking lots and pavement) account for 87% of the site (9.2 acres). Under AJ’s plan, we'll dedicate over 60% of the property to open and greenspace instead.

Q: What is the construction timeline?

Following approval, construction would begin in late 2024. This process would last between 24 and 30 months, and staged over time to minimize impact to the neighborhood.

Q: Now that the Planning Commission recommended approval of the SP, what happens next?

The SP zoning bill must go through three readings at the Metro Council. If passed at all three, the SP plan will become law and the site will only be eligible to be redeveloped according to that plan. As mentioned above, all existing leases will be honored.

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